Teaching But Not Involving

Teaching But Not Involving

It is all about attendance and not attending in the present time education system! It is definitely a sad state of affair, but the fact remains- most students go to the classroom, mark their attendance and quietly move out. Very rarely do we see a classroom where students are actively participating and look forward to learning.

Is there Something Wrong?

What is it that makes students run away from the classroom? Is it that they don’t want to learn, or they are unable to learn everything? Many students say they get bored when they are in the classroom, and feel better when they are having fun with their friends. We call such students by several names, but they are bright and brilliant students. So, what makes them shy away from learning?

Yes, there is definitely something wrong, because during exams and these students score maximum. When on their computers, they are engrossed to such an extent that they don’t remember a thing. This simply means they don’t have an attention disorder or a learning issue. There is something wrong with the whole system that they don’t believe it is necessary to learn from this system.

Ever wondered why the classes are boring, or the students don’t really pay any attention to you? Most teachers feel that it is their duty to come to the class, give a few sermons and move out. That’s it! They don’t feel the necessity to know if the students have understood the things, or they need help understanding. Many times, teachers don’t even entertain questions in the class. When such things happen, especially in graduation and higher education, kids don’t feel the need to attend classes as they don’t gain anything there.

Repairing the Damaged State of Affairs

It is important for teachers to consider repairing the damaged state of affairs. They should necessarily come up with ways to engage the students. Firstly, universities and education centers needs to rope in teachers who are self motivated so that they can motivate a learning atmosphere. The environment within a classroom should be all about learning and not just teaching. Teachers should question, answer questions, see if every single person in the classroom is active or not and involve all the students. Group activities, team efforts and a lot of application of theory will help involve these students.

Education should be all about engaging, evolving and enlightening and not just teaching and grading.