Simplify teaching and learning by connecting all the digital tools teachers use in one easy place.

Seamless Communications With Announcements

Keep them engaged keep them connected! Send automated or manual Course, Institution, Attendance & Fees reminders to parents and students.
Vmail and circulars

Simple Content Creation Utilities

Our design makes it simple to build a course. Easily create content, incorporate existing material, or import content from another course. Supports PDF's, eBooks, Rich Media, Videos and a lot more.
content editor multimedia files
Add Media bank

Grading Made Easy

All on one page, educators have immediate access to grading tasks for all courses. Quickly scan everything you need to grade – without navigating to each course.
Grading as per quiz
Grades entry at one page

Course Discussions With Chatbox

We’ve made discussions simple. So it’s easy for educators to foster anywhere, anytime social learning that builds connections among students.
Chatbox Multipurpose use

Easy Attendance Taker

Take attendance from your phone and send automated notifications to parents and student to track low attendance. Sometime keeping parents informed is all it takes to bring students to classroom.
Attendance and shortcuts to direct roll no entry

Tracking Learning Outcomes

Engage students outside classroom and Make teaching and learning fun with Vclassrooming's LMS designed for K-12 and higher education in India.
Learning out come 2
Learning out comes 1

Teachers Professional Development

Train your teachers with easy content distribution and approval tools. Develop best standards for teaching practice and deliver quality education through out your institution.
teachers help
Pdf Viwer for teachers


Ensure consistent and impartial grading and help students focus on your expectations with easy to use rubrics.
Creating Class components as per reuqirment

Institutional Hierarchy

Institutional hierarchy provides a robust and flexible way to delegate administration in a manner that parallels the structure of your organization.
Organizational Structure

Assignments & Exams

Test creation and grading has never been easier with a streamlined, intuitive workflow. Collect Assignments online and let students take tests outside of classroom.
endless revision with quiz
Quiz Review

Date Management

You’ll love this time-saver: When you copy the content of an existing course to a new course shell, all due dates and release dates are pre-populated.


We’ve made authentic assessment easier than ever, whether you’re a teacher creating an assessment or a student submitting one or managing due dates.

Content Collection

You can increase educator efficiency and curriculum quality through the central management, sharing, collaborative use, and reuse of academic content.
student notes Grade wise
Add Media bank