Is a College Degree Needed For Success?

Is a College Degree Needed For Success?

After graduating from high school, most of the people opt for a bachelor’s degree in college due to the number of pros for earning a four year college degree, and a huge hue and cry is made if you don’t attend one. People are often spotted saying that your life will be miserable if you don’t go to college and that you won’t succeed in life without a degree.

Though this saying is true to an extent, however with experience I can definitely say that a college degree doesn’t guarantee success and not getting a college degree doesn’t guarantee failure. In your own lives, in fact in your own families you might have people who never attended a bachelor program, yet were very successful in life. You may also find relatives and friends who went to really good colleges but ended up being totally useless. So a great learning from life that I have learnt is that values and virtues of life such as wisdom, insight, intelligence and courage do not necessarily need a college to imbibe them.

All of us in the American society rely heavily on time spent in school, as a measure of intelligence and fitness for a job. Though as said above intelligence and a bachelor degree doesn’t guarantee a job, but some careers do need rigorous course of study at college and post- college, especially courses like medicine. It is necessary for a prospective doctor to take up science subjects in their undergraduate degrees and study further for their chosen specialized fields.

But for other courses we often think that a college degree would be an asset but the truth is many times they are not even useful or helpful.