Using Dashboards and Analytics To Improve the Educational Experience

There are so many good reasons to implement learning analytics software like Vclassrooming.  As we know knowledge is power and if you can gather valuable data, you can gather important information that will give you a good understanding of what you need to do to improve your students test scores and improve your teaching.  Not gathering the correct information will essentially guarantee that you will have a classroom full of zombies that are not progressing, not learning, and really bored. Here are a few reasons you should be using dashboards and analytics in your classroom like that ones from 

  • Students who are struggling will be identified.  If you can identify your students early, you can offer early intervention and specialized help.  If you can be proactive in your approach you can often help a student quickly instead of letting them fall through the cracks.  Using tools like Vclassrooming will give you an edge and early detection for those students who are struggling so that teachers, parents, advisors and other faculty can jump in and help bridge the gap and get the students on the right track.
  • Teaches kids to self-regulate their learning, be engaged and reflect on their performance.  This system gives kids information that will allow them see how they are doing compared to other classmates.  They will be able to identify where their strengths are, and where there is room for improvement.  When you make this information available to students, you empower them to self-regulate and take a proactive approach to their learning and performance.  You also give them the knowledge of which areas they can work on, which will give them a sense of accomplishment. 
  • Using Vclassroom gives you the opportunity to really see how individual students engage in discussion forums.  You’ll be able to assess which of your assignments have the most impact and create the most engagement for your students.  It gives you an entire online environment in which to see how much and when your students are participating.  You will be able to create more experiences like the ones that are working, and less like the ones that aren’t.
  • Institutions are able to better see if any of their academic or course environments are creating barriers to success for the students.  It gives a very clear picture of student performance across different parts of the same course, which is highly valuable insight.  Many schools see a large variance in performance between students that are taught in school and in person vs. those who are taught off site online.  These are the types of things you will learn by implementing dashboards and analytics.
  • These learning analytic tools increase the accuracy and efficiency of institutional reporting.  Because all if this information in accurate and free from error, schools are able to start using the information provided in different initiatives that will further help their student population.  These tools give the school a wealth of real-time, correct information that gives them insight into things that they weren’t even trying to track in the first place.  For example, if you can accurately see the attendance of students- you can then implement different early interventional strategies across the campus (or several initiatives) and then see which ones have the best track record for getting students back on track.
  • These tools allow you to assess which program; course or instructional design is the most successful for your students.  You are better able to design your programs, and meet your curriculum or program goals with targeted information.
  • It also gives you the ability to see which tests or assessments need to be changed or revised.  You may have some that correlate strongly with student success or there may be others that correlate strongly with course withdrawals or poor performance.
  • Your faculty members also gain valuable insight that will allow them to develop their personal teaching or discussion styles.  When they can see what student engagement looks like in their classroom, they are better able to adjust when needed.  You want your faculty using instructional design practices and execution tactics that have a high impact for your students. will also give institutions information that will allow them to access the success or failure of their faculty development initiatives. 
  • Students will improve their learning behaviors if they have access to the right information.  If they can see early on whether or not they are doing well, they can adjust their approach.  Having detailed information for the students as well as suggested actions that can be taken to get them back on track and improve their performance, gives students a way to be empowered and take part in their own education.
  • Using this technology will basically ensure your students think you are cool.  Let’s be honest, that’s the most important thing anyway- the validation from a child.  😉  

Kangaroo Kids Pvt. Ltd. (KKEL) is one such institution that is talking advantage of Vclassrooming and the dashboard and analytics provided.  They know that digital learning environments can offer tools to learners that have the highest capacity to improve performance, engagement and test scores.  By utilizing these technology solutions, they have been able to help students improve their skills, take part in their own education and improve faculty/student interactions.  They have also found that their faculty has been able to overhaul their teaching interactions and the support they give their students because they have been using the technology that provides them with such clear information.  The teachers are able to tailor their interactions to the student’s individual needs and address any gaps that may have existed.  They are busy helping students build their confidence, create a community of parents, students, staff and faculty, and give the students every resource possible to help them do their best.  Because of their initiatives, they are seeing continuous improvement both in test scores, engagement and student morale.   They have found that their reporting and statistical information collected is achieving better learning results.  They are able to see which programs and initiatives work and which ones don’t.  Both instructors and students are more engaged, focused and aligned with the schools goals for academic achievement.  Because of their innovation and inclusion of technology in this manner, they are poised to be one of the top schools in India, with the highest test scores and engagement.